An effective restaurant kitchen starts at the very beginning with detailed planning and a smart design. Commercial kitchens are a huge investment, so you want to make sure you get it right the first time. By using expert kitchen designers you can feel confident they’ll utilise your space and maximise your potential. From a logical layout and essential catering equipment to boosting staff morale and reducing your impact on the environment, your restaurant kitchen design and layout are essential to the success of your business.

Restaurant Kitchen Design

First of all, you need to understand the space you’re working with. Here at INOX Equip, our team will begin by conducting a site survey and consultation to understand the measurements and requirements we’re working to for your restaurant. Using 2D CAD drawings and 3D CAD visualisations, you can picture our recommendations and see your kitchen come to life.

Restaurant Kitchen Design Tips

We understand there’s a lot that goes into running a commercial kitchen and getting ready for your busiest time of year. But by taking these few actions you’ll help yourself, your business and your staff feel confident in what lays ahead. Preparing for peak means:

  • What style of appliances would you like?
  • Which colours and materials are both appealing and practical?
  • The day-to-day tasks for your staff and the equipment they need
  • Which areas your customers will see or interact with
  • The location of your exits and entrances
  • What equipment is essential for your menu?

Functional Restaurant Kitchen Layouts

The layout of your kitchen is all about problem-solving to create a more efficient team and workspace. With the right flow, you can provide a smooth service from delivery and prep to serving and cleaning. This process also ensures you consider all the health and safety measures as well as important rules and regulations your kitchen needs to meet.

Restaurant Layout Tips

This stage addresses the more practical elements of how your kitchen can function effectively for your staff and customers. Here, you should consider:

  • Where is stock delivered and stored?
  • Allocate your key preparation, serving and cleaning stations
  • Does your must-have equipment fit in the allocated space?
  • Where will equipment perform efficiently and reduce energy wastage?
  • How easily can staff access equipment, stock and supplies?
  • Do your waste removal routes meet health and safety standards?

Industry-Leading Catering Equipment For Restaurants

Restaurants are reliant on their kitchens: they cook the menu your guests are expecting and they’re a big factor in the reviews you receive. But you can also be clever with your catering equipment choices to optimise your space, service and sustainability efforts. It’s important to choose appliances which are reliable, consistent and perform to a high standard too, that’s why INOX only recommends high-end appliances from industry-leading suppliers.

Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Advice

Once you understand your kitchen’s purpose and available space, you can source the right catering equipment to meet its needs. This stage can be quite costly, so it’s important to cover all bases to make the right purchases. These can include:

  • Choosing equipment which works with your menu
  • Does your refrigeration meet demands so food isn’t wasted?
  • Including adequate ventilation so appliances perform efficiently
  • Using multi-purpose appliances, especially for small kitchens
  • Using combi-ovens which are a more cost-effective option
  • Regularly maintaining your equipment to extend its lifespan
commercial kitchen equipment consultation

Start Designing Your Restaurant Kitchen Today

Are you opening a new business or looking to upgrade your current commercial kitchen into a more cost and energy-efficient solution? Contact our expert team at INOX Equip and we can talk you through the requirements and recommendations for your restaurant kitchen project.