Gastronorm sizes are standardised container sizes introduced by the European Standards Committee across the food service and catering industry. It allows commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers to optimise their designs to accommodate these standardised pan sizes.

This, in turn, makes purchasing commercial catering equipment easier for chefs and kitchen managers. These European standard sizes are also referred to as GN sizes. In this article, we talk about all the sizes that conform to the EU Standard EN631, as well as the many different uses and materials available.

What are the standard Gastronorm Pan sizes?

In total, there are 9 different gastronorm pan sizes based on the outer dimensions of the container. There are a variety of depths available, enabling them to be used for a range of foodstuffs in multiple pieces of kitchen equipment.

The standard gastronorm pan sizes are as follows:

  • GN 1/1 – 530 x 325mm
  • GN 2/1 – 650 x 530mm
  • GN 2/4 – 530 x 162mm
  • GN 2/3 – 354 x 325mm
  • GN 1/2 – 325 x 265mm
  • GN 1/3 – 325 x 176mm
  • GN 1/4 – 265 x 162mm
  • GN 1/6 – 176 x 162mm
  • GN 1/9 – 108 x 176mm

What are the standard Gastronorm Pan materials?

Gastronorm Pans are available in a variety of materials because they are not only used for heating or cooking purposes. They can also be used for cold storage as well as in self-service environments. Generally, Gastronorm Containers are available in stainless steel, polycarbonate and melamine, but they can be made from polypropylene or even porcelain.

Stainless Steel Gastronorm Pans

Stainless Steel Gastronorm Pans are generally used for cooking, keeping food warm and chilling. They are also often used to keep food warm in a buffet display or as a bain marie.

Polycarbonate Gastronorm Pans

Polycarbonate Gastronorm containers are mainly used to refrigerate foods or in a set-service display environment. They are flexible, strong, and sometimes transparent. The transparent design allows easier identification when being stored.

Melamine Gastronorm Pans

Melamine containers are made from strong, lightweight and hard thermosetting plastic. They are incredibly durable and strong. Melamine Gastronorm Pans can be purchased in different colours, which makes them ideal for colour coding within the kitchen. They are generally used for displaying and storing food, and they are not suitable for use in the oven.

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