Our sustainable working procedures

We believe in building kitchens and laundries for the Future. Energy efficient, cost saving and with minimal environmental impact.

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We Care About Our Impact On The Environment

Here at Inox Equip, we use the latest technology to maximise efficiency and minimise life-cycle costs. As an example, we utilise Heat Pump Driers in our laundries that use only 15% of the energy of a traditional electric dryer. We care about the impact our equipment has on the environment and always aim to reduce this.

We are always looking for the next best tech in kitchens and laundries. Whether that’s fridges that know how much stock they hold, ovens that reduce moisture loss in cooking or waste bins that record exactly what is thrown away – our technology is first-class and optimised to be more sustainable. Technology is allowing kitchens to save on food waste and laundries to reduce chemical and water use.

This all adds up to a lower impact on our environment and is something Inox Equip supports and endorses.

An ‘All Electric’ Approach

We believe Electric kitchens are the future, removing the reliance on natural gas. When considering the additional costs of a gas kitchen, an all-electric kitchen is often cheaper to install and cheaper to operate. It also makes for a much nicer working environment for your kitchen team.

We would love to discuss your options for a more sustainable catering environment.

What happens to old equipment?

Inox Equip are committed to waste reduction and will always look to recycle or re-use old equipment, often donating old functioning equipment to charities.

We are industry accredited


Over two decades of success

At Inox Equip, we have been working within the catering sector for more than two decades. Our commercial catering engineers have years of experience in the supply, installation, and maintenance of commercial kitchens.

All our staff are highly skilled, reliable, committed, trained and fully certified to give you extra peace of mind. From designing commercial kitchens to complete refurbishment projects, outstanding service and first-class project management is guaranteed.


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Clients can be assured that our rigorous attention to detail on projects will result in an operation that is in line with industry best practice and our quality of work is second-to-none.


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