When your business is reliant on its kitchen, it can cause a lot of problems when it has to close. Whether it’s due to a refurbishment or an emergency, you need to find a quick and reliable solution to continue catering for your customers.

Hiring a temporary commercial kitchen is a quick and high-quality option, with all the essential kitchen equipment you need in order to keep running. Still not sure? We’ve listed below the reasons why a temporary commercial kitchen could be the best solution for you.

What are temporary commercial kitchens?

They’re compact but premium commercial kitchens available to you anywhere, at any time. Fitted with all the standard kitchen equipment such as a fridge and freezer, oven and hob, hot holding facilities, dishwasher and more, they allow businesses to continue operating if their main kitchen is out of action.

They’re also a great choice for single-hire use or additional catering support for events. Their mobility allows them to be situated where you need them and can be hired from 1 day to multiple weeks.

Why hire a temporary commercial kitchen?

There are lots of reasons why you could hire a temporary commercial kitchen, including:



You never know how long a refurbishment can take. By hiring a temporary commercial kitchen, you, your staff, and your customers are reassured that business will continue as normal. Meaning limited kitchen downtime and loss of profits.



If you’re catering for a large event, you may need additional catering equipment to cope with the demand. Alternatively, your event might be based further afield from your usual kitchen, and you need a portable, professional kitchen set-up to serve up your menu.



No one plans for their kitchen to close but when something breaks or goes wrong, you have to for the safety of your staff and customers. When you need a quick fix, a temporary commercial kitchen has all the facilities to get you back on your feet ASAP.


The benefits of a temporary commercial kitchen

It may be compact in size, but it comes with a bundle of benefits such as:

  • Minimal disruption and loss in profits
  • Allows your business to continue running
  • Continue catering for your customers
  • Includes high-quality cooking equipment
  • Provides extra kitchen capacity
  • Is portable, so can be moved at any time

Inox Equip’s temporary hire kitchen

Our temporary commercial kitchen is available as standard when carrying out a refurbishment project but can also be hired separately. It has all the essential commercial kitchen appliances including a dishwasher, hot holding facility, fridge and freezer as well as all the health and safety requirements. We cover competitive rates and will deliver, collect, and deep clean the kitchen as part of the service. Hire periods can run from a single day to multiple weeks depending on your requirements.

commercial kitchen equipment consultation

Hire a temporary commercial kitchen

Click here to see a virtual tour of our temporary kitchen and its facilities. If you’re looking to hire or have any questions, then please get in touch with our team who are happy to help.