Get your commercial equipment right the first time, and you’ll cook up a recipe for success. But where to start?

No matter the size of your eatery, our guide walks you through the importance of choosing the right kitchen appliances and cost considerations for a high return on your investment.

What Commercial Kitchen Equipment Do You Need?

You may want all the bells and whistles for your commercial kitchen, but are they necessary? What’s essential is pinpointing which appliances will enhance your menu. As well as considering the best layout for your kitchen and staying within your budget. Every kitchen will be different, but the most useful pieces of equipment include:

  • Ovens
  • Range cookers
  • Ventilation units
  • Preparation counters, including cutting boards
  • Food preparation equipment such as mixers and slicers
  • Refrigeration and freezer units
  • Storage space (shelving, counters)
  • Safety equipment such as first-aid boxes and fire blankets
  • Sinks and washing appliances
  • Microwave
  • Grills

How Much is Commercial Kitchen Equipment?

The cost of commercial kitchen equipment can vary depending on the size of your kitchen and the pieces required to cook your menu. By working with a commercial kitchen designer, they can help you optimise your space and find cost-saving solutions with appliances such as combi ovens or auto-closing fridges.

Once you’ve purchased your equipment, you must also consider the costs of running each item, as well as maintenance and energy bills. Energy-efficient appliances can help reduce these costs, along with staff actively reducing costs through little things such as turning off lights.

Optimising Your Commercial Kitchen

To get the most from your commercial kitchen and equipment, take some time to consider the following factors:

  • What’s your budget?
  • Determine your menu and volume of traffic
  • How to maximise your kitchen layout
  • Additional costs, such as maintenance
  • Investing in energy-saving solutions

This will help you narrow down your kitchen’s requirements and offer long-lasting solutions for your business, staff, customers and kitchen setup.

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If you’re looking for a more profitable commercial kitchen whilst increasing your sustainability efforts, then a commercial induction hob could be the way forward, providing you with convenient and consistent cooking as well as increased staff safety. To find out more, get in touch  with one of our team.