Combi ovens are becoming more prevalent in commercial kitchens, but why?

There are a number of reasons as to why chefs are investing in combi ovens for their kitchens. In this article, we will discuss why combi ovens make such a good investment for professional kitchens.

What is a commercial combi oven?

A combi oven is a versatile three-in-one cooking appliance that enables you to utilise steam, hot air (convection), or a blend of the two cooking methods. Consequently, it has the capability to function as a substitute for both a steamer and a convection oven.

Why invest in a combi oven?

Investing in a commercial combi oven is a valuable addition to any professional kitchen. Commercial combi ovens can help to significantly improve the efficiency in a commercial kitchen.

Combi ovens are a very popular choice in commercial kitchens because they allow you to steam cook, convection cook as well and combination cook. Because of this, you can remove other appliances in your kitchen and maximise the space you have available. It also means that, in a single appliance, you can cook meat, fish, pasta, vegetables, breads, pies and pastries.

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Which combi oven is right for you?

At Inox, we understand that every professional kitchen has different requirements and needs. If you’d like more advice or information about a commercial combi oven, then get in touch today and one of our expert team will help.