A kitchen’s menu comes down to its equipment. But when there is a long checklist: quick heating-up times, cooking consistency, meeting health and safety standards etc., it is important to invest in the right kitchen equipment.

The main factor is choosing cooking equipment that will maintain and enhance your menu. No matter the size or type of kitchen, we have listed the main considerations you need to think about before committing to a purchase.

What Are The Different Types Of Cooking Equipment

For commercial kitchens, there is a wide variety of cooking equipment. Some are essential, some are designed for a particular type of cooking, and some provide no purpose at all. Which cooking appliances are vital for your kitchen comes down to multiple factors. But the 6 most common and popular cooking equipment tends to be:



Ovens are a staple in any commercial kitchen. They are available in a variety of formats including high-speed ovens, convection ovens or pizza ovens, these withstand high volumes and consistent cooking within any type of kitchen.


Combination Ovens

Combi ovens are a popular choice in many commercial kitchens as they can be used to cook a range of food in multiple ways.


Cooking Ranges

Larger in design, these suit bigger kitchens as they have more capacity and extra compartments such as a second oven, hob and grill.



Ideal for quick and consistent results. Choose between countertop or free-standing models to deliver deep-fried menu items.


Countertop Cooking Equipment

Including soup makers, toasters, rice cookers and more. These are popular within small kitchens, for quick cooking or grab-n-go options.



Suited to high-end restaurants and eateries which specialise in several steamed dishes. Providing a healthier cooking option.

Things To Consider When Buying Commercial Cooking Equipment

When it is time to start looking for new cooking equipment for your kitchen, there are a few things to bear in mind which could impact your decision:

What Is On Your Menu?

Depending on your restaurant’s cuisine and your style of cooking, the cooking equipment you need will be different to another. For example, a fast-food restaurant like McDonald’s requires larger, heavier-duty cooking equipment. Whereas a cafe may only need small countertop appliances.

It also comes down to which dishes on your menu are most popular, as this is where you should invest in reliable cooking equipment to ensure consistency for your customers.

How Are You Going To Power The Equipment?

This may already be determined by the power source that is installed in your kitchen. But this will still influence which type of cooking equipment will be compatible, and how much energy and money it uses to run. Does it fit within your budget?

If you are installing a new kitchen, consider the rates of gas vs electricity within your area. If you have an in-house chef, it might be worth speaking with them to confirm which would be best for their cooking style and menu

For more information, read our gas vs electric blog.

Do You Need Ventilation For Your Cooking Equipment?

Kitchens can become hot, steamy and smelly environments – with cooking appliances being one of the main sources. To remove these unwanted fumes and scents, effective ventilation is essential. This also helps with the performance of your equipment, preventing them from overheating. You, therefore, need to consider the location of appliances as this will influence the type of cooking equipment you choose.

Read our blog on the importance of kitchen ventilation for more information.

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How Much Kitchen Space Is Available?

Along with allocating suitable ventilation, you need to know how much space you have available in your kitchen. This will help narrow down your options. If you are unsure, our kitchen design experts can help you plan your kitchen layout to fit the equipment you need. Often suggesting cost-effective and space-saving solutions such as combi ovens, countertop appliances and multi-functional options.

Consider Multi-function Cooking Equipment

When shopping for new cooking equipment, it is always worth considering multi-purpose cooking equipment. For example, combi ovens and high-speed ovens are compact pieces of equipment that cook a variety of foods in a variety of ways, at any one time. This helps save space, save on energy costs, and minimise the need to buy several pieces of cooking equipment.

This is also an ideal solution for smaller kitchens like those within cafes or bars, allowing you to maximise your space whilst not compromising on effective kitchen equipment and delicious dishes.

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Finding the right cooking equipment

At Inox Equip, we pride ourselves on sourcing quality equipment for the hospitality and catering industry. If you are unsure which cooking equipment is right for your kitchen, our team can advise on suitable and sustainable solutions.